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A Results-driven process

Our team provides you with the best solution that will be tailored to your industry, your company and your team dynamics

1. Analyze your needs

What are the workflows that make your business unique? What are the critical must haves?

2. Define budget, timeline & priorities

Based on the scope of your project we will write out a plan that will give you insight in what to expect, at what time and at what cost.

3. Implement!

Phase by phase we will onboard your company to the Odoo platform. In this process we will work closely together with your team.

4. Training & Support

We will coach, train and support your team members as they become more accustomed to using the new operating system.


In order to successfully implement Odoo, Odesk follows a few principles that are inspired by Odoo's QuickStart implementation methodology.  By incorporating these guidelines into our service, we guarantee a solution that will be durable and provide optimal long term benefits for your company. We listed our key implementation principles below.

Project Phasing

We are a strong believer in phasing out an implementation. Although Odoo is all about integration, it is important to break down the puzzle into smaller pieces in order to avoid a 'big bang' approach where your team would be overflown with new information.


This refers to a Single Point Of Contact. For each implementation we require you to identify one person (or a small group) that will be dedicated to the Odoo implementation from your end. This person/team should have the following capacities:

- Deep understanding of how the business operates

- Authority to make important workflow decisions

- Availability in order to spend time on the project

If you are not able to provide this person or team, the timing and quality of your solution will come at risk.

Train the trainer

During our implementation we make sure to transfer the needed knowledge and skills to your team members. This way you will have your own in-house team of experts as the implementation comes to an end. Don't worry, we will always be there to provided the needed support, but part of our mission is to make your team as autonomous as possible.

80/20 principle   

This ratio refers to the standard vs custom features we will be using in a project. Of course every project is different, but as a rule of thumb we will aim at building your solution by making use of standard Odoo features as much as possible.

When we hit a hurdle that requires development we will aim to build a custom solution that can work for you in the long run.

It is important to understand that Odoo is a constantly evolving platform that releases new features on a yearly basis. By sticking to standard features as much as possible, you are doing yourself a favor as this will guarantee you to easily migrate your system to a better version of Odoo. 

Interested in working with Odesk?

We know that every company is unique when it comes to how they operate. As a result, every implementation is also unique. If the information we have provided above speaks to you, we would highly advise to schedule a moment with us so we can answer any of your remaining questions and discuss a potential project.

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